LPG Level Sensor
The level sensor gives you a measure of the GLP liquefied gas level contained in the tanks used for the gases supply.

This simple device consists in a floating buoy with a magnet fixed that slides along a guide, so it can determine the magnetic field strength with just an smartphone in nonmagnetic bottles made of stainless steel or aluminum.

The measurement obtained through the smartphone it is associated with the gas stored in the liquefied gas bottle.

LPG Level Sensor


There are many advantages offered by this innovative system, the most important are discussed below:




Cheap and Easy

The device is cheap and easy to manufacture..

Management of orders electronically

It alloys the management of orders electronically through the use of specific applications for mobile business.

Orders management

It alloys the optimization of customer inventories by helping in the orders management.

Adding value

It represents an innovation in a traditional market with no significant changes in recent years adding value to their customers. You no longer have to worry if the bottle gets empty while you are having a shower or cooking

Saving and Environment

Customers can save up to 20% more to leverage the full bottle. Thanks to this system of total use of resources a major environmental benefit is obtained.

Acoustic alarm

It also allows the installation of fixed devices in the bottles that continously control the bottle liquid level and gives you an acoustic alarm in case of low level

Control Quality

It allows a quick and easy bottles park control.


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